Monday, November 12, 2012

How to keep your donors motivated?

When starting a brick fundraiser, your goal is to raise money for your project.
This 'Buy a Brick program' can be short term or can be ongoing.
If you have a continuing brick campaign, it can be hard to keep motivating your donors to purchase engraved bricks, so we'll give you a few tips.

·       One way to keep your donors interested in your project is by incorporating special occasions and Holidays. With holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, remind your community what a great gift an engraved paver can be!
·       Another great way to motivate your donors is to let them know that they can choose to add a logo or a symbol on their brick. A customized brick with the donor's logo will attract even more benefactors who want to be recognized.

Polar Engraving has a big inventory available of symbols and emblems to choose from but we are also very flexible with personal logos. The ability to add a logo or clip art will personalize your brick even more than with text only and will also stand out amongst others.

We can do all kinds of engravings for you.
Polar Engraving offers commemorative bricks, personalized pavers or tiles with logos or cliparts and even brick arrays; where your logo can be spread out on many bricks.

The more attention you draw to your project by motivating your donors, the bigger success you will have.

Contact Polar Engraving for more ideas to help you sell your bricks! 1-800-546-7993.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ideas to raise more funds for your engraved bricks project?

How do I get businesses involved in my brick fundraising campaign?

When looking for businesses to get involved in your brick or tile fundraiser, it is important to show the business owners how they are being rewarded if they give you money like being able to see their personal logo engraved on a brick or to look at a brick array where their logo is displayed across multiple engraved bricks. Remember to explain to them why it is valuable for them to be part of your brick fundraising project!

What are the benefits of having local vendors/businesses give to my brick campaign?

When businesses give money for a fundraiser, they usually make a big contribution to your project. These kinds of contributions are revenue enhancements. You can charge local vendors and businesses more than you would a regular donor because it can serve as permanent form of advertising for the business. In doing so, they can show the community that they are 'involved' with the project and care about it.

Tax exempt or not?

For businesses giving money to your brick fundraising or brick project, it can count as either a charitable donation or as advertising. Speak to your accountant about tax exemption policies with these types of contributions.

How to thank your local businesses and vendors for their contribution to the brick campaign?

- Send a thank you letter to thank the donors for their support, but also send it to the ones who did not donate, they can always change their minds!
- Keep your donors involved with the progress by emailing them occasionally, giving them an update on your brick or tile fundraising.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


How to care for your laser engraved bricks?

Now that you have installed your bricks how can you keep them looking great?
Regular maintenance is needed.
We recommend sealing the bricks with a sealer a few months after the installation and later once a year.  Sealers repel water and stains, help hold sand in joints and prevent wear from foot traffic. Water based sealers are safer, you can ask your local contractor who will be your best advisor based on the type of weather in your region.
Tips to keep your engraved bricks clean.
•             Keep pavers swept and free of debris. Use a soft broom. Falling leaves and soil left on the bricks can cause staining.
•             Use a mild detergent mixed in water. If it is really dirty you can apply the detergent directly but remember to rinse thoroughly.
•             We recommend using '2010 All Surface Cleaner' by Enviro Klean or similar product. This cleaner  can be rinsed with water and contains no harsh acids, caustics or solvents.
•             Gently hose off your bricks or tiles.
What you should avoid when cleaning your bricks.
•             High pressure water cleaning
•             Acid based cleaners
•             Avoid using salt and shovels for snow removal.(For some traction try using  sand, or biodegradable cat litter instead of salt.)
•             Do not use steal brushes to remove debris
If you follow these easy steps we are sure that your bricks and tiles will be beautiful for years to come. Visit us at

Friday, August 3, 2012

Engraved Bricks, Pavers, Memorial, Fundraising Brick - Polar Engraving

Engraved Bricks, Pavers, Memorial, Fundraising Brick - Polar Engraving

Ideas for a brick or tile fundraiser

What to do with a Brick Fundraiser? Need ideas for a brick campaign?

At Polar Engraving we know how important it is to have a successful engraved brick or tile project.
Whether you are doing a brick fundraiser or a tile fundraiser,
we can give you ideas how to start it.
We are committed to help you making your fundraiser a success.

Just a few ideas for your Brick Fundraiser

  • ·   Walkways : Mix different size bricks. For example the smaller 4" x 8" bricks can be sold at $100 and you can sell the 8" x 8" or 12" x 12" between $250 - $500 depending on the amount you are trying to raise and what you think donors can afford to give.
  • ·   Entryways : These are usually the best locations so you can also ask for a higher price for bricks placed there.
  • ·   Gardens/Patios : Under trees, planters, surrounding statues or fountains
  • ·   Donor walls : Inside or outside of buildings.
  • ·    Brick Arrays : You can have your logo engraved spread out over multiple bricks.
Some Examples:

  • You can have a walkway leading up to your building made of donor bricks.
  • You can have your donor bricks line an existing walkway or side walk.
  • For churches you can create a large cross. You can use 8" x 8" donor bricks inside the cross (which may be offered at a higher price), surrounded by the smaller 4" x 8"  donor bricks.
    I hope some of these suggestions might be helpful to you.

Monday, July 30, 2012


How To Get More Donors For Your Fundraiser?

How To More Donors For Your Fundraiser?

At Polar Engraving we understand how important it is to raise money for a brick or tile campaign.
In order to help our customers, we have launched a new fundraising idea, the FREE DONOR WEBSITE!

What is a Free Donor Website?

It is a personalized website where your donors can donate money and order their bricks or tiles online.
Your donors can visualize their own text and clip art on a virtual brick or tile before making the purchase. Once they're ready, they can purchased the customized brick or tile online and the money will flow directly into the organization's account.

Below is a link to a sample website.
Your website could be only minutes away from easy donations!!

When can you have it?

You can have it as soon as today!

What is your advantage of having a donor website?
  1. Collect donations online.
  2. Accept PayPal and allow donors to pay with their credit card.
  3. Expose your cause worldwide.
  4. Give people access all over the world to make a donation.
  5. Easily manage donor orders.
  6. The money donated will directly flow into your account.
You can access your online ordering system or donor website from any computer that has internet connection 24/7. There is no need to download special software or programs. For your safety, we are using a secure server that will protect you data.

The online ordering system gives you the flexibility to place your order whenever you are ready to do so. There is no deadline. As long as you are part of the Polar Engraving Family, you will get access to the online ordering system and your donor website.